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Radiant Beauty

“Radiant beauty comes from within” and your face is perhaps the most important part of your image.

Natural beauty is about feeling good and taking care of your whole being.

Take care of your lifestyle first: sleep, diet, exercise. The next step is to take care of your “outside”.

Your skin reflects the status of your mind and body. When you are young, you can usually get away with a poor diet, lack of sleep, too much drinking and a hectic lifestyle without looking much worse for wear.

One day you will see the first wrinkle, or the first gray hair. If you take extra care as early as possible you will delay those first signs of aging.

When you start taking care of your skin, it will take around three to four weeks to see any form of results. There are 3 basics steps to facial care: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can also add to this regiment: exfoliating, massage, and facial exercise.

Before you begin to pamper yourself you should know what kind of skin you have (normal, oily, dryor combination). As your skin ages. collagen and elastin (the tissue that keeps it supple) weaken. Your skin becomes thinner and looks less smooth and plump. People have tried all sorts of concoctions for centuries to reverse the signs of aging.

Today we have an arsenal of chemicals to try on. “Absorption of chemicals through the skin is implied to be as dangerous as if it had been ingested”.  The skin is not an uniform barrier, there are many microscopic holes in our skin including hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands. These are the channels affecting the absorption.

We see more and more allergies, skin inflammations and skin problems caused by chemicals applied directly or indirectly to the skin. And the most ironic step of this treatment cycle is to use another chemical substance to remove the problem caused by another one.

It is your health and your decision as to what ingredients to apply to your skin.

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